Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
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Internet Advancement is our Council's preferred way of recording unit advancement in lieu of submitting paper advancement reports.  To dowload the informational packet, Click here.

This is the process:

  • If you have not received your Internet Advancement unit ID code from the council, you may request it by emailing Field Service Secretary, Sandie Gromala.  Please provide your complete unit information as well as your leadership position.
  • Click the above Internet Advancement icon on the top of this page to visit the page.  We recommend viewing the tutorial and help pages available via the Internet Advancement page.
  • The Internet Advancement website was designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer and we highly recommend you use that program as your web browser for Internet Advancement.
  • Click on the link as a first-time user and log on with the unit ID, unit type, and four-digit unit number.
  • After log on, the system will use the information from ScoutNET, the same real-time information that the council office accesses.
  • When the unit completes the process, it submits the file.  This submittal process updates the youth member records for the unit within ScoutNET and the council information.
  • The unit prints the Advancement Report and acquires the appropriate signatures.  The signatures(s) verify the approval for the advancements reported.  This report must be turned-in to the council office and is needed to purchase award insignia from the Trading Post.
  • If you need your ID code or to reset your password, please email Sandie Gromala.  If you need technical support, please contact the National Help Desk at: 972-580-2267.
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