Exploring Program of the Chicago Area Council

Peggy and Steve Fossett Career Exploration Initiative




Host a Club/Post

Private corporations, public organizations, small businesses, professional associations, labor unions- anyone interested in educating the next generation of professionals in their career field can host an Exploring post.

Posts meet on a regular schedule (weekly or bi-weekly, depending on host's availability). At each meeting, participating youth receive information on an area within the career field from the hosts or from invited guests. The host also provides opportunities for hands-on training, such as traffic tops for Law Enforcement Explorers, or solar panel design for Engineering Explorers.

The host organization can benefit as much as the participating youth. In addition to providing introductory training, hosts benefit by expanding knowledge of their field, providing much needed community service, and have the potential to hire Explorers once they age-out of the program and complete all education and requirements.

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