Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
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Chicago Area Council Unit Service Team

The Service Executive

The service executive is responsible for all unit related questions and concerns, rechartering, Commissioner staff, camping, service area programs, events and trainings.

The Membership Executive

The membership executive is responsible for the service area's spring and fall recruiting, Webelos to Scout Transition and organizing new units.

The Development Executive

The development executive is responsible for the service area's family Friends of Scouting campaign and popcorn sale.

The Field Director

The field director is responsible for service area leadership and the nominating committee to ensure we have top leadership in all functions.

As an executive team, we are eager to assist in the delivery of a high quality Scouting experience for our communities. Keep in mind that these executives will not keep regular office hours at the Chicago Area Council so that they can focus our time on supporting and developing Scouting in the communities. If you need to meet someone on the team, contact us and we’ll schedule a time and place to meet.  

Meet The Team

Click here to see who your unit's executive is.


Service Executive North





Membership Executive North

Caleb Sturghill
312-421-8800 ext. 254



Development Executive North

Andy Pierce
312-421-8800 ext. 241



Field Director North

Dwayne Hunter
312-421-8800 ext. 242



Service Executive South

David Tafur
312-421-8800 ext. 246



Membership Executive South

Artt Mathews
312-421-8800 ext. 214



Development Executive South





Field Director South

Joe Stocchero
312-421-8800 ext. 239



Assistant Director of Field Service

Ernest Espinoza
312-421-8800 ext. 248

  1218 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
  Telephone: (312) 421-8800 Fax: (312) 421-4725
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