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eScouter - December 2013


To view the council calendar, visit or click here.


The Steve Fossett Center for Scouting will be closed Tuesday, December 24th through Wednesday, January 1, 2014.  The Steve Fossett Center for Scouting will reopen on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 8:30AM.

On January 7, 2014 NESA Chicago will celebrate the accomplishments of the latest Eagle Scout class from the Chicago Area Council.  This year's speaker is Dr. Clyde Yancy, Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  We will also be presenting Dr. Yancy with the council's first Distinguished Eagle Scout Award since 1998.  The dinner will be held at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the Feinberg Pavilion. The dinner will also serve as a "Gathering of Eagles" and we hope to have the largest reunion of Eagle Scouts gathered in Chicago present at the dinner.  All new Eagle Scouts (November 2012-November 2013) will receive an invitation in the mail to attend as the guest of a sponsor.  Anyone is welcome to attend as a sponsor.  There will be a special rate for Eagle Scouts who are 25 years old or younger.  For more information, or to register, visit


We'd sure be obliged if you'd join us as we celebrate this year’s Silver Beaver recipients and all of our successes from the past year! So saddle on up and mosey on over to the Annual Chicago Area Council Dinner Round-Up.  This year's Western themed dinner will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at the Victoria Rosemont (Rosemont Holiday Inn Express) located at 6600 Mannheim Road Rosemont, 60018.  Click here for more information or to register.

Orders may still be submitted until January 2nd, 2014, to earn prizes and camp cash.  When orders are submitted, they will be filled from existing inventory or an order placed to fill them.

Purchase camp cards outright for $1.00. There will be no need to settle out and no returns. Buy them for $1.00 sell them for $5.00 and make a $4.00 profit for your unit with each sale or sell them for whatever you like. If you or someone else in your unit has not settled out your original order of camp cards you will not eligible for this special deal until the original order is settled. If you would like some cards contact Myriam ( or x 209) or Steve ( x 202). 

It is important for us to tell the community about the value of the Scouting program. As a unit leader, you hold the key to sharing all of the great outcomes Scouting provides. Click here to see how your unit can win prizes and bragging rights by sending us your success stories and photos of your Scouts in action!

The BSA is increasing its membership fee from $15 to $24 per year for all registered Scouts and adults effective January 1, 2014. Click here for more information.

Upon approval of the membership standards resolution in May of this year, the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America began reviewing its policies and guidelines to help ensure a smooth transition to the new policy. Click here for more information that will help in answering questions you may have regarding the implementation of the resolution.

The Chicago Area Council is proud to unveil a new staffing model designed to improve efficiency and provide better service and support to our families and volunteers. The new reorganization matches the talents of our executive staff with the key support functions in the field. The new plan means that we will go from our current eight districts to two service areas that combine four districts into the North Service Area and four districts into the South Service Area. Click here for more information and to see who your unit's executive is.

Contact your unit serving executive now to set up school talks and use our flyers, posters and yard signs to get the word out!!! Not sure who your unit serving executive is?  See the article above for the link to the list!  For more information, please contact Ernest Espinoza at or 312-421-8800 ext. 248.

If your unit has not completed a Friends of Scouting presentation in 2013, it's not too late!  Call your unit serving executive to schedule your FOS presentation today!  Not sure who your executive is?  Click here to find your unit or contact Ernest Espinoza at  or call 214-907-9759.

If you’re an Eagle Scout, we’d love to have you join us. Check out our website,, join our groups on Facebook ( and LinkedIn (search for NESA Chicago), or send us an email,


Last fall we held our first-ever career fair for Chicago Scouts and high school students.  We had over 25 professionals on hand to provide the youth an opportunity to learn from adult experts about careers in a number of different industries. 

We would like to continue providing this type of mentoring to Chicago Scouts and high school students by creating a network of professionals who would be willing to travel to local schools to do a short presentation (no more than one hour total) about their industry and career interests. 

This program will be conducted in conjunction with the council’s Career Exploring program.  We will utilize a career interest survey to determine which industries the students are most interested in so we are able to coordinate appropriate speakers.  The program would be open to all students (male and female) and, if allowed by the school, Scouts who are at least 14 years old. 

Currently we are gathering information on professionals who would be interested in participating in this program by speaking at a school once or twice a year.  If you are interested, please visit and fill out our brief survey.

The Chicago Area Council no longer receives funding allocations automatically from the United Way. The only way to ensure your donation is directed to Scouting is by stating your preference on your annual pledge form. You will receive a reminder in the mail on how to designate your contribution to help fund the programs, leader training and infrastructure expenses that the Council assumes to ensure your Scouts have a quality experience. If you do not receive the letter or need it sooner please click here to be directed to the new form and additional instructions. As always, thanks for partnering with us to make Scouting available to Chicagoland’s youth.

Vehicles donated to One Car One Difference help our council. Your unwanted vehicle is picked up and auctioned and the proceeds support the Chicago Area Council. Refer to the FAQ sheet or One Car One Difference website for more information.

“Scouting’s Journey to Excellence” is the BSA’s council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and council. To see the requirements for your unit or view a webinar for more information, please click here.


The Cathedral Shelter Christmas Basket Program has been a staple for in-need Chicago families since 1920. Help support one of these families by choosing to be a sponsor with your unit.  It is a fantastic way to actively participate in service and outreach, and it can assist in educating Scouts about the needs of the community around them. For more information contact Parker Callahan at or visit their website at

This year the Chicago Wolves are offering multiple games to bring out your Scouts for a ton of fun!  Scout nights will be held on December 7, February 22, and March 15. Come early for the free pre-game fun fest from 5-6:30pm in the All State Arena Skyline room. Click here to download the order form for this fun-filled day!

The Chicago Area Council can do its part to alleviate hunger in Chicago and America. This year's Scouting for Food bag distribution will take place on December 7, 2013 and collection will take place on December 14, 2013. Click here for the unit commitment form!

The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters are bringing their 2014 tour to the Allstate Arena on Friday, December 27th, 2013. The Harlem Globetrotters would like to offer all Scouts, family & friends a special discounted ticket offer during the 2014 World Tour! Globetrotter Scout themed patch included with ticket purchase! Ask about opportunities to present the color guard, top popcorn seller recognition, fundraising, meet-n-greets and more!  Click here for more information or to order tickets.


MONSTER JAM rolls into Allstate Arena for EXCLUSIVE SCOUT SHOW with ALL TICKETS SMASHED to $10 on THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 6 P.M.   Visit: to order tickets NOW! Orders are prioritized by date received so order NOW to sit close to the DIRT and ACTION!

This exclusive show only:  FREE post-show PIT PARTY for all in attendance to meet drivers and take photos of the AWESOME MONSTER TRUCKS! Special anti-bullying campaign is part of this year’s show: CRUSH BULLYING WITH SCOUTS AND MONSTER JAM.   And don’t forget, ALL Scouts through the door receive an commemorative MONSTER JAM scout patch FREE when entering Allstate Arena on show day!

Bring your sleeping bag for an exciting adventure among towering dinosaurs! Dozin’ with the Dinos is a unique opportunity for Scouts ages 6-12 to spend the night at The Field Museum and enjoy games from around the world, a self-guided tour of Inside Ancient Egypt – in the dark! - and much, much more! Cap your night of exploration with cozy bedtime stories before drifting off to sleep in one of our awe-inspiring exhibitions. Tickets sell out fast, so get yours now!  For a list of 2014 overnight dates and more information, click here.

Beginning on August 8th, units can register for this ALL AVIATION Scout Camporee!!!  Scout AirFest 2014 will be held at the Lewis University Airport in Romeoville, IL the weekend of August 8-10, 2014.  This camporee is open to Scouts of all ages!!!  Be sure to visit the event website at The first 50 units to complete their unit registration will be guaranteed to receive a FREE INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT as well as a reduced event fee!  Prepare for take-off!!!  Register early!!!

On October 16, 2013,The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) redesigned and launched their new website and it is now a permanent online Jamboree at  Since the launch, the site has had over 36,000 unique visitors and the numbers are increasing by the minute. Scouts and scouters from all over the world are creating profiles, posting their stories and sharing those of others.

Want tips and suggestions? Wondering about a specific issue? Chances are a fellow Scout knows the answer. includes an "Ask"-section, where you can post your question. One example is Hannah Atkinson from the UK who is asking for tips on campfire treats, see her posting here

This is just the beginning. Within the next two weeks a Google translate feature will be added so that you can read all the content on in your language of choice. You will also be able to follow specific individuals or groups, and be up to date with what they’re doing.  You can already prepare for this feature today - if you see a post that you find interesting, click on the profile of the person who posted it and select “follow”. This way, their posts will automatically be included in a specific news stream for you once this feature is activated. In other words, stay tuned - there is still a lot to look forward to.

You can be part of developing the universe. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them by clicking on the "feedback" button. And above all - don't forget to invite your Scouts friends to join in on the fun on

The 23rd World Scout Jamboree will be held at Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, from July 28 to August 8, 2015.  “WA: a Spirit of Unity” is the theme for the Jamboree. The Kanji Character “?” (WA) embraces many meanings such as unity, harmony, cooperation, friendship and peace. WA also represents Japan and its Culture. Go to for more information.
*BSA is in the process of finalizing pricing and participation information for the 2015 World Jamboree in Japan. Registration is not ready yet, so please go to to provide your contact information and, when registration is ready, BSA will contact them.  You can also send an email to Gary Gole, Area 4 VP, National/World Jamboree Area Coordinator,\international 


The council has been experiencing many issues and errors in the Eagle Application process.  These errors include many things including but not limited to the following:

  • Scout history incomplete
  • Incomplete dates for ranks and merit badges
  • Improper leadership roles being reflected
  • Missing dates and signatures by all proper parties
  • Board of reviews being scheduled without prior council verification

In order to make sure these things are alleviated, the Eagle Application Checklist must be completed and included with all Eagle Applications that are submitted to the council for approval.  If this form is not included and signed by a unit leader, the application will be returned until it is received.  This is to ensure that the application is completed right the first time around.  Requirement #6 which is the Scout’s statement of ambitions and life purpose MUST also be attached or the application will be returned until received.  Please allow five (5) days for approval when a complete Eagle Application is turned in to the council for approval.

The advancement committee is holding a day of advancement training on Saturday February 22, 2014.  Please see the attached flyer for all of the training classes available.  We encourage all to attend.  There are classes for both youth and adults.


What’s changing with the Cooking merit badge? There are two major changes coming to this badge. The first is that Cooking merit badge will become Eagle-required beginning Jan. 1, 2014. The second is a major overhaul to the requirements, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2015.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2014,  regardless of when a Scout earned the Life rank or began working on Eagle, unless he fulfills all the requirements — with the exception of his board of review — before Jan. 1, 2014, he must earn the Cooking merit badge to become an Eagle Scout. On January 1, 2015, any Scout who begins working on Cooking must use the new requirements and the new pamphlet.


cinematography merit badge is now Moviemaking merit badge, effective immediately. The design of the badge won’t change, and new pamphlets are expected in Scout shops in mid-November. There are some new requirements that have been added and a few that have been changed.  Please make yourself aware of these new changes by picking up a copy of the new Moviemaking merit badge pamphlet.


All merit badge counselors must have valid youth protection training.  The advancement committee strongly encourages and recommends each new merit badge counselor take merit badge counselor training that is provided by the council advancement committee.  This training is very helpful and provides counseling specifics and updates that may not be known otherwise. Our council also requires they must be at least 21 years old.  The advancement committee has been checking every registered merit badge counselor in our counsel and have found there to be many counselors who have expired YPT.  When confirming if one has valid training, we look at that person’s ScoutNet profile.  If it doesn’t show that you have completed Youth Protection Training in ScoutNet in the last two years you will be removed as a Merit Badge Counselor by your district advancement chair.  If you are not sure if you have taken it and want to find out please call your district advancement chair or call the council office.  If you know you have taken it but it does not show up please provide a copy of your completion certificate to the council office or your advancement chair so it can get processed.

Venturing advancement is in the process of changing.  All current advancements should continue as the current advancement guidelines state in the Venturing handbook and in the current Guide to Advancement 2013.  As the new guidelines are finalized and released by National we will make sure all are notified.  You can expect many more details about program specifics in the coming months.


If you have any questions regarding this or any other advancement issue, please make sure to contact us.  We are always available to help you with any questions that you may have.  Our Staff Advisor, Joe Stocchero, can put you in touch with your District Advancement Chair if you don’t know who it is.  Please contact him at

One Saturday a month Vertical Endeavors in Warrenville hosts a five-hour class in which a Boy Scout from any troop can meet all of the requirements for the BSA Climbing Merit Badge. Badge requirements include: belaying, rappelling, knot tying, rope management & more. They recommend Scouts be at least 12 years old and have completed the First Aid Merit Badge. There must be a minimum of 6 participants to run the event.  The cost is $39.99/Scout. Click here to see available days and download a flyer that can be passed out to your Scouts. Contact Anita Johnson, Program Coordinator, at (630) 836-0122 or with questions or to sign up

Hey, Cub Scouts, did you know you can earn an achievement award with your baseball cards collection? Boy Scouts, you can earn a merit badge with your special collection of cards. Visit for more information!


As a leader in the Boy Scouts of America, you are tasked with presenting to groups of Scouts, family members, and other leaders.  While this course is important if you want to be a trainer, don't be fooled by it's name, Trainer's EDGE is not just for those on the training team.  This course will help you become comfortable with presenting in front of groups and give you new ideas on how to make sure you capture your audience's attention each and every time.  The next Trainer’s EDGE course will take place on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the Council office. Download the registration form for additional details. For any questions please contact Bob Kurth at or Ernest Espinoza at

This Basic Training Extravaganza is a council-wide training day dedicated to conducting training for adult leaders in all phases of the Scouting family. On March 29th at St. Stan’s Kostka (Division and the Kennedy Expressway), 1255 North Noble St., Chicago, Illinois 60632. Please Car Pool. This is the opportunity to attend leader-specific training to prepare you for your opportunities and responsibilities relating to your leadership position.  This single day is packed with an abundance of information for leaders who want to provide the best program possible for their Scouts. You can register for all the basic trainings for Cub Scout, Boy Scouts and Venturing. There is even Charter representative Training offered! And best yet the Cub Scout trainings are also offered in Spanish! Click here to download the registration form. For any questions please contact Bob Kurth at or Ernest Espinoza at

En Español – 2014 Basico de Cub Scouts - March 29th, 2014  Tenemos entrenamiento basico para los lideres de primero a cinco grado en espanol! El entrenamiento esta ofrecido en la Universidad de Scouting en la St. Stan’s Kostka (Division and the Kennedy Expressway), 1255 North Noble St., Chicago, Illinois 60632

IOLS is a hands-on program giving adult leaders the practical skills needed to lead Scouts in the outdoors. Required for scoutmasters and assistant scoutmasters to be considered trained, this course is recommended for anyone working with Scouts at outdoor activities or campouts. This weekend of camping, learning and fun will be held at Cantigny Park - April 25 -27, 2014. Click here for more information.

The Florida Sea Base, located in the warm weather of Florida, and the Philmont Training Center, located in the beautiful mountains of Cimarron, New Mexico, have Scouting training opportunities that you can share with Scouters from throughout the country. For information on the training opportunities, please stop by the council office and pick up your guide or e-mail Ernest Espinoza to send you information at

The Northwest Suburban Council Shooting Sports Committee will sponsor NRA instructor and USA Archery instructor courses this fall. Click here for full details of which courses will be offered and when.

Did you recently receive a letter stating you need to take a training that you’ve already taken? If so, update your training record by visiting Remember, if you took training online, you DO NOT need to fill out this form – just enter your BSA member id number in your MyScouting profile and it will update your record at the council office automatically.

What does it take to be considered trained for your registered position in Scouting?  Check out national's list of basic training requirements to find out!

Looking for training near you? Visit the Council Training Page or for upcoming sessions.

The BSA online learning center is where you can take various online courses. All of these courses are now found through your MyScouting page at In order for your training to be recorded, you must have entered your member ID number into the MyScouting system.


Reservation Director Sean Haneberg is pleased to announce the following Management Team for the 2014 Owasippe camping season:

Michael Brus: Associate Reservation Director
Caitlin Boline: Reneker Director
Samantha Canchola: High Adventure Director
Andrew Hizel: Blackhawk Director
Laura Levan: Wolverine Director
Chris Sanchez: Trading Post Director
Pete Klaeser: Business Manager

Camp staff interviews will be held on January 4, 9am to 12 pm, at the Steve Fossett Center, 1218 West Adams Street.  Scouts and Scouters interested in serving on camp staff should complete an application and attend.  The Counselor in Training (CIT) program begins at age 14, serving at camp for half of the summer season.  CITs age 15 will serve the entire summer season.  Visit for more information. 

Site reservations for 2014 opened up to all on September 1st, 2013.  Below are links to the site reservation forms. 
Owasippe Boy Scout Resident Camp
Reneker Family Camp

The Camping Committee has set the 2014 Scout fee at $280 and the Adult fee at $165.  There are no “out of council” surcharges.  The Camping Committee has set the Reneker cabin fee (attending with unit) at $310 and the attending without unit fee at $410.

This fall has been a busy time at Owasippe starting with the Owasippe Staff Association (OSA). They had their annual fall fix it weekend when they worked on many projects which included upgrades to the Wolverine Shooting sports ranges which included the removal of the storage shed at the rifle range.  It will be relocated on site so that an additional  shooting position will be available. The current range shelter overhang was removed so a permanent addition of 3 feet can be added in the spring to reduce sun glare for the shooters. Concrete was poured for a shelter at the shotgun ranges and the shelter can be erected in the spring. Other projects included replacement of rotten roof boards on one of the cooks cabins at food prep and the Carlen circus tent was taken down and stored for the winter. Other members worked on a cleanup project of the camp road.

Friends of Owasippe held a fall weekend in September to do some much needed work which included the patching of seven canoes for use next summer. The group also undertook removing a number of old wore out floorboards and tables. They reclaimed any useable parts and removed the remaining debris from the property.

A big thanks to all who participated in these weekends.

From July 14-18, 2014, the Chicago Area and Calumet Councils will work together to provide Webelos Pirate Camp at Camp Betz, in southwestern Michigan.  During the 5 day/4 night experience, Webelos will work on outdoor-related Activity Pins and Shooting Sports Belt Loops while enjoying a pirate themed camp.  Camp Betz is approximately 1.5 hours from Chicago.  Download the flyer for more information.  Reservation forms will be distributed soon.

The Chicago Area Council contingent dates for 2015 are Sunday, July 19th through Friday, July 31st. These dates do not include time necessary to travel to and from Philmont Scout Ranch and are tentative. Philmont is located in northeaster New Mexico, just outside of a small town called Cimarron. The property covers about 214 square miles and ranges in elevation from approximately 6,000 feet above sea level at base camp to 12,441 feet above sea level on top of Mt. Baldy. Considered “high desert” area, temperatures in the summer range from 90+ during the day to 40 at night, depending on the area of the ranch where you are traveling.

Who can participate?
This contingent is available to any registered member of the BSA. Philmont participants must be at least 14 years old, or have completed 8th grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to participation. There are no rank requirements, only the age minimum. Each unit can send up to 6 people, but no more than 2 adults.

What is the cost?
We will collect approximately $1200 per participant in payments. The first payment, a $100 deposit, is due immediately and is non-refundable. This money will cover all expenses EXCEPT personal gear and souvenirs at Philmont.

Click for the Youth Application and the Adult Application. For more details, contact Steve Adams at

Do you have a favorite Scoutmaster you want to recognize, a loved one who has gone to the great council fire, or perhaps a staff person who made a difference? Or would you like to have your own name or troop number solidified in Owasippe history? Now you can remember that person or event that meant so much with a brick on the Owasippe 100th Anniversary patio.

The Owasippe 100th Anniversary Patio began as a part of Owasippe Scout Reservation’s 100 th Anniversary celebration in 2011. This is a great opportunity to document your time at Owasippe Scout Reservation or honor a family member or volunteer in a brick that will be permanently installed in in the Ad Center Complex at Owasippe Scout Reservation. These bricks will help to pave the way for Owasippe’s future as all proceeds from this program will go to endow Owasippe Scout Reservation. Fill out the order form and submit it to the council office or visit to order yours today!

Chicago Area Council is proud to present the 2013 National Scout Jamboree Contingent patch set. The thematic five-piece Jamboree Shoulder Patches surrounding the large center patch depicts historic scenes from Chicago's rich past as represented by each of the four stars on its municipal flag. Do not miss out on owning a piece of that history with our unique patch collection. All patches are sold as a set. Download the order form now.

Order of the Arrow

Be sure to mark your calendar to enjoy some great food and pleasant fellowship at the Annual Lodge Winter Banquet.  The banquet will be held on Sunday, January 5, 2014  from 1pm-5pm at the VFW Hall, 7256 West 63rd Street; Summit, IL. The cost will be $20.00 per person (ages 11 and older) and $10.00 per person (ages 3-10). The deadline for registration is Wednesday, December 18, 2013. Note that the council office will be closed this year from December 23, 2013 to January 4, 2014 so get your registration form in early.  We hope to see you at the annual Lodge Winter Banquet. 

Owasippe Lodge 7 is proud to present the 2013 National Scout Jamboree Order of the Arrow patch set. This two-piece patch set (top flap and bottom pocket) depicts an iconic scene of Chicago’s skyline and the sun rising over Lake Michigan, represented by a six point star from our municipal flag. This patch set is being offered exclusively to dues paying members of the Order of the Arrow, Owasippe Lodge and Out-of Council OA members. Proof of registration may be required. Download the order form now.

Local Programs

Scouting North Service Area Webpage - Calendar

Scouting South Service Area Webpage - Calendar

Exploring – Webpage - Calendar

Sea Scouts Webpage - Calendar

Scout Shop

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It’s a great time of year to celebrate with your Scouting family and we’ve got a fantastic day planned. Join us for Santa’s Scout Shop on Saturday, December 7.  Experience a fun day loaded with holiday surprises as your local Scout Shop “elves” host festive family activities and assist you with awesome gift suggestions.  And while you’re there, be sure to enter your name in our special 4’ ScoutStuff Stocking giveaway! So please drop by for a great day and a great way to support your friendly local Scout Shop.

Filled stocking giveaway offer is valid during this one-day event only. Product assortment for giveaway will vary by store. You may enter the stocking giveaway in one of three ways: 1) In person at your local National Scout Shop; 2) By mailing a 3” x 5” index card with your name, address, and phone number to the address below:

Santa’s Scout Shop Giveaway 2013
Chicago Scout Shop
1218 W. Adams
Chicago, IL 60607

Santa’s Scout Shop event is exclusive to participating National Scout Shops. Cub Scouts must be accompanied by an adult. Not valid on previous orders; may not be combined with any other offer.

Tis’ the season! Christmas shopping season is now upon us! Get your Scouting Mom our new stainless steel Charm Bracelet so she can fashionably show off her passion for Scouting! Get your new Fieldbook Cover today, now with a zipper all around the entire book to ensure that you don’t lose anything and keep your guide intact! New to our store is the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2014 full of facts about animals, featuring weird but true facts, QR codes to videos about the animals as well as tons of pictures and crafts, perfect for your Scout! Hard to find a gift for your adventurous Scout? Not anymore! Our Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp­ is perfect for any sort of night activity whether it be hiking, caving, or trying to catch Santa in the act! Winter is no excuse for any Scout to not be outdoors! Learn how to go winter backpacking with our new Winter Backpacking Book, perfect for those with cabin fever!

The Chicago Scout Shop is now accepting applications for Sales Associates.
Shifts vary Monday - Saturday. Applicants must be; Reliable, Friendly, Energetic and Retail Experience.
Helpful Pluses: Familiarity with the Scouting Program and Bilingual. Applications available upon request.

Registering your advancements online or turning in an advancement form is the only way Scouts are credited with advancing in rank and completing Merit Badges. This is true for all program levels. Please show an online printout or paper copy of the Advancement Report when purchasing advancements so we can help to ensure that your Scouts receive the proper credit at the Council office.

M-W & F: 8:30am-5pm
Thursday: 8:30am-7pm
Sat: 9:30am-3pm
Call for Holiday Hours of Operation

The Chicago Scout Shop is for use by Scout families, volunteer leaders and Council staff, so that they may deliver the best Scouting program possible. Please let us know how we may assist you. (312) 738-3324 For information on the Scout Shop and National Supply click here.

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